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May I introduce myself as Gillian Clarges. I will be working with Coach Ken Moloney in coaching the Junior and Minor Girls Basketball Teams in St Andrews in 2015. I am delighted to become part of this team and am enthusiastic about the possibilities of the Junior and Minor teams being quite successful in the basketball leagues in years to come. We train Thursdays from 4.15 to 6.15  for Minors and Juniors so if you haven’t joined us yet please come along to express your interest.

I myself have a very strong background in basketball. I run my own Academy and have qualifications with Basketball Ireland. I studied BSc in Sport and Exercise Science in the University of Limerick and it was there that I got my love for the science of the sport. I like to look at the whole picture with all the players I work with, trying to engage the physiological, biomechanical and psychological aspects of the sport.  While the science bit is so important the individual personal development is at the core of what I do, teach and try to role model.  My philosophy is in line with St Andrew's College mission statement.  I look forward to working with these 2 teams and watching them flourish.