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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin


Welcome to St Andrew’s College Junior School, a wonderful place in which to learn (and indeed to teach!). Our main goal as educators is to ensure that our students are happy learners. In St Andrew’s we believe that students are happiest when they are engaged, challenged and excited by learning.

To this end we offer a very broad and stimulating range of subjects and of extra-curricular activities. In addition to the subjects of the Primary School Curriculum our students study the following with specialist teachers: French or Spanish (from Senior Infants), Music, Drama, Art, Science, PE, and Computer Studies. Each year we evaluate these subjects, seeking to offer a range which is rewarding and relevant for our students. We are committed to providing teaching expertise in as many subjects as we can, and so while students have the secuirty of their class teacher for their core subject programme, they are also taught by fully qualified and experienced professionals in co-curricular classes.

We offer an equally varied and challenging range of extra-curricular activities, including Tennis, Hockey, Swimming, Rugby, Soccer, Basketball, Ballet, Irish Dancing, Playball, Lego, Choir, Chess, Computer Club, and Cookery. We have a particular commitment to the Arts, offering an extensive Music Programme, for individual and group learning, and maintaining outstanding standards in Art, as witnessed in our annual Art Week.