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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin


Core Curriculum

In P3, we hope to further develop the students' productive and receptive skills. We focus on developing reading strategies to encourage the child to read for pleasure and information. Emphasis is on creative writing, through class diaries, recording their experiences. Here students tend to be strong is expressing themselves. It is also important to develop their receptiveness to oral language. The traditional skills of grammar and spelling are especially pertinent at this age.
In P3 we hope to develop the students' mathematical sub-skills such as number, algebra, shape and space, measures and data. Particular emphasis is put on multiplication and division and how the field of Mathematics relates to everyday situations in real life.
History, Geography, Science, and S.P.H.E. (Social, Personal and Health Education)

In P3 these subjects are now approached in an integrated syllabus. The child explores their own experience in the family, community and the wider world. Special emphasis is placed on Irish History and Geography. In the same way, in Science we explore their environment, through looking at how living things and energy forces affect the child. The overall aim is to develop the students sense of identity, confidence and citizenship.
For a detailed outline of the Irish Programme in St. Andrew's College, Preparatory Department, please see the Irish Curriculum heading on the general Prep School page.
For the Non-Irish students there is a course of EAL or US Studies while Irish class is taking place.
Additional Subjects
Religion, Music, Drama, PE, Art, Computers, French or Spanish.
European Language Programme
Pupils may choose to study French or Spanish. Classes are taught by native speakers. In order to achieve continuity we recommend that a child remain with the language which he/she chooses initially to study.
EAL - English as another Language
This facility is provided for the benefit of students whose first language is not English. Five classes per week are normally scheduled.
Introduction to Computers
One class is held per week concentrating on developing computer skills. The class takes place in one of the computer laboratories with a specialist primary school Computer Studies teacher.
Each class has Library Class once a week. Books may be borrowed at this class and returned the following week.
A child can use the library for research purposes by arrangement.