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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

Extra Curricular Sports

The aim of the extra-curricular activities is to give the children the opportunity to develop their personalities by participating and acquiring some proficiency in activities which are outside the normal curriculum of the school.
Enjoyment is the most important objective in the organization of these activities.  It is vital that the children enjoy what they are doing, that they participate to the best of their ability. They will then experience the truth of the old maxim, 'You only get out of life what you put into it'.
So extensive is the choice for the children that there are days when difficult choices have to be made.  Unfortunately it is not possible to take part in all the activities.  For that to happen we would need a 14-day week!
All extra-curricular activities take place after school has finished and are entirely voluntary.  In some cases there will be a charge for taking a part.  It is important that students are collected promptly at the end of extra-curricular activities.
We hope that your children will benefit from whatever activities they choose and that they will have a very successful and enjoyable extra-curricular year.