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Science in the Junior school involves fun filled lessons where children learn through investigatory approaches and discovery learning.  Children develop skills by working scientifically and investigating which is at the heart of the Science Curriculum. Children are encouraged to work as scientists as they investigate and explore their physical and natural surroundings. These first-hand experiences help them to find answers to problems themselves by exploring their own environment. The curriculum supports children in developing skills of enquiry during this investigative work: observing, asking questions, suggesting explanations, predicting outcomes, planning investigations or experiments to test ideas and drawing conclusions. Children are given the opportunity to design and make things during the year.

The Science Curriculum includes four strands:

  • Living things
  • Energy and forces
  • Materials
  • Environmental awareness and care

Each strand is subdivided into strand units which focus on particular concepts.

In the Junior school class teachers from K1-P2 teach their own science and Dr Frewin, a very experienced senior school teacher,  teaches classes from P3-P6.

P3 – P5, are currently using the EDCO ‘Science All Around Me’ series of textbooks, whilst P6 have a special course designed by Dr. Frewin to make the transition from Junior school science to Senior school science easier.

For the last 3 years, P4 and P6 have entered exhibits for the Young Scientist Primary Fair held in the RDS each January. Entries for the limited number of places are judged on merit, and all entries gained exhibition space for which the Junior School now possess six trophies.